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Day 9: Faceless Self-Portrait

I am not my mother’s failures, nor am I my father’s mistakes. I am an empty canvas, I am the trembling hands of an artist. I am the ruckus of the thunderous desert storm, I am the hum of the sweet spring morning. I could be anything, and I could be nothing in between. I wear skirts, with an arrow pointing underneath it—but you can’t symbolize that as my weakness. Being a woman isn’t a predicament. It is not a pedestal nor is it a glamorous center stage. It is the unconquerable waves of the cobalt ocean. 75% of the world is engulfed by waters. 75% of any man’s life, he’ll be both ruined and saved by women.
—  Vagues traitresses  -s.p. 

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The Blogger Essentials


Blogger Essentials – sunnies, check. Camera, check. Laptop, check. Time.. Focus.. Determination.. Patience?

I’ve been asked numerous times on how I started blogging and what keeps me going. The obvious answer would be inspiration but that only works for the former than the latter. Let’s face it, it’s not everyday a brilliant idea comes to mind and personally, I always seem to be wracking my brain on what I could possibly write— this post included. When I began blogging 3 years ago with personal and photo blogging {giingerpepper.tumblr.com} as my starting point, I never really had a certain goal with my blog. It was a hobby to me and I enjoyed every second of doing it. Although the answer may be subjective, it pretty much goes down to why I started in the first place – having the passion to write and the passion to share.

Before anything else, I want to point out that there is no standard to blogging. And there never should be. It is not for “the rich and pretty people” and “the ones with thousands of followers” as what other netizens would point out about bloggers. Blogging started simply as a hobby way before it evolved into the vastly growing industry we now know. You don’t need to be “rich” and have expensive equipment to be a blogger. If you’re a newbie, an inexpensive camera and a restricted budget could go a long way— and that’s from personal experience. I will not lie since there will be some investing needed if you want to expand your blog. But consider these things as “upgrades” and not a requirement.

Looking at most established bloggers now, they’re nearly at ‘celebrity status’ – a term used in a conversation I had with some blogger friends as we fangirl (lol) over the top bloggers now. Always remember that you never find yourself at the top without having to work your way to it. As much as receiving blog traffic is a good thing, it doesn’t determine who you are as a blogger. Fame shouldn’t be an objective to begin with and wanting to blog shouldn’t be for the sake of hype. Focus on your content and your hard work will eventually pay off. Love what you do and do it because you love it.

Blogging is a fun hobby. It’s a way to get your voice out into the world and meet people with similar interests.It’s not only about the hypes. Blogging is a way of expressing yourself to the world. And to be able to stay in the blogosphere, indeed, one must really have the passion for it. 


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Minty Floral

Top: Le Petite Couture

Skirt: Le Petite Couture

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"1. Always carry earphones with you wherever you go. Nothing better than listening to music while people watching in public transport.
2. As pretentious as it sounds, a cup of tea in the afternoon is always good for you. Hell you don’t have to drink it reading some Bukowski shit or The Great Gatsby. 3. Take good polaroid pictures. Or just take good pictures of objects, strangers, your friends, or yourself.
4. Make art. Create something and give a portion of yourself to it. Show it. Or keep it in a box under you bed. It’s always nice to have something tangible that speaks about you.
5. Try going to places by yourself.Especially coffee shops. There’s just something strangely exciting with being by yourself and acting like you got it all together when deep inside your anxious as fuck on what to order at the counter.
6. Some days you’re going to ace the test but other days you wont. Whatever it is, it doesn’t measure who you are as a person. It’s just a math exam. It won’t matter in 10 years.
7. Don’t feel like going out on a weekend? Then don’t. Go waste your time on something you feel like doing and not what your friends call fun.
8. But also, do not take advantage of the company of good friends. Surround yourself with the people who love you and allow you to be yourself. And people who remind you you’re not as bad as you think you are.
9. It’s okay not to be okay. Those are your feelings and they are valid. You are allowed to be sad and be human but always remember that life is forgiving for the most part.
10. Sleep is the best temporary cure for anything.
11. Go on with whatever you have in your life right now. You are doing so well.
11. Learn. Learn to go on."
— How to go on with it by me  

Day 8: Technology


I’m so thankful I had a childhood before technology took over. HAHA.

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"i thought about you this morning. i thought about the time when we almost kissed. i want to know, what would’ve happened if i had stopped you from walking away. i want to know what would’ve happened if i had pulled you close and touched my lips to yours. i want to know, would you have pulled me closer, or would you have pushed me away? i know you don’t remember, but you did almost kiss me. i wonder what would’ve happened, if you did kiss me. would you apologize and say you didn’t know what you were doing? would you laugh and kiss me again? would we be together now? would we be in love?"
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Dear Kleyr,

Anonymous: how much did you buy for your camera?? hihi. and where did you bought it? 

30k? hihi. just on la local store here on iloilo. actually my dad was the one who bought it way back 2011. ^_^

Dear Kleyr,

Anonymous: what camera do u use? 

Hi, I use Canon EOS 1100D ; and use a Prime lens - Canon EF-S 18-55mm :)